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Mark Lane

Mark Lane


Mark Lane

Mark isn’t just pretty (ok, he’s definitely pretty . . . he used to be a model. . . so he’s got ‘pretty’ covered). He’s also talented. Mark loves music and the music industry. He’s been a producer and worked in the studio both with artists and as an artist. But he says being a mobile DJ is the most rewarding work because of the instant connection he has with his clients and their guests.
He’s also one of the most professional guys we have in our arsenal. He understands that he is representing his client when he is working an event and being a former military man – he understands attention to detail. He describes himself as an energetic guy who likes to have fun but also wants to make sure that everyone has fun as well. If you aren’t out on the floor dancing – then it’s his goal to find a way to make that happen. You really can’t ask more than that from your entertainer.


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