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James Stoker

James Stoker


James Stoker

James Stoker is a Dallas native who is one of the best ‘mixing’ DJ’s working for The American DJ Company.  He is one of our best referred, most requested DJ’s who has a background in music.  In addition to being a well respected DJ, James is also a self taught guitarist, pianist, and trumpeter (or is it trumpist?).
James is also the father of three and uses his musical talents at work and at home (we’ve seen some video of his two year old on his father’s turn tables proving that talent is hereditary).  And you wouldn’t necessarily peg him as our best ’Texas Country’ DJ – but if you want line dancing after sanding the dance floor at your reception . . . . James is your guy.  If you want a DJ who genuinely cares about you and your guests . . . James is your guy.  If you want a worry free experience with your DJ on one of the most important events in your life . . . James is your guy.
And one word of caution about James . . . do not, under any circumstances, play him at Scrabble.  He is a self-proclaimed ’Scrabble Master Mind’. We don’t know what that means, but we take it as ‘don’t play James at Scrabble.’

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