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Cameron Fox

Cameron Fox

‘The Boss’

Cameron Fox

‘The Boss’
As co-founder of The American DJ Company, Cameron has nearly 20 years of professional, full time experience across over hundreds weddings and numerous events.  And when we say ‘hundreds of weddings’ . . . we’re talking over 600 couples have chosen Cameron to be their DJ for their wedding.  Though being a wedding DJ is his passion, Cameron is also a sought after emcee, game show host, team building facilitator, and public speaker.  He has been an active member of several event industry associations including Meeting Planners International and the National Association of Catering & Events.
Cameron started as a wedding DJ in college for a little extra money on the weekends.  But in a short amount of time, what started as a hobby with a little side income grew into a full time career with a company and staff members.  With the addition of Shaun J, The American DJ Company took off, and Cameron has been overseeing the creative aspects of the company ever since.
When asked, Cameron said the thing he loves about his weddings is:
“Facebook.  There are couples whose weddings I was a part of seven years ago who are friends of mine on Facebook.  We don’t message or talk very often.  But these couples start living life after their wedding.  They start having children after their wedding.  My newsfeed is just peppered with families (and kids).  Families whose life I was a part of for just a moment . . . but it was an important moment.  Weddings are important moments.  I’m happy to help make them more memorable and less stressful.”

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