B.E.A.T. Program


B elieve in Yourself

E ngage with Everyone

A ctivate Your Talent

T rain to be Prepared

When you think about the DJ, the first thing that may come to mind is the zigga zigga or the scratching. You may think about one person on a stage with their hands in the air making hundreds of people scream and jump in a club or at a concert. And yes that is part of what being a DJ can be. But how do you get there? Is that the only thing DJ’s do?

The American DJ B.E.A.T. Program focuses on what it means to be a professional DJ. DJ’s don’t just play music at a party. DJ’s are sound engineers, producers, music directors, radio personalities, tech directors, theatre artists, TV hosts and so much more. From the Quest Love’s to the DJ Khaled’s, there is no industry that does not use or need a DJ.

There are differences between what a mobile DJ does vs a club or radio DJ. How a DJ works with different kinds of music is critical to his/her performance. The American DJ B.E.A.T. Program will reinforce that creativity is limitless and ever changing across multiple genres of music and explore multiple career paths a student can pursue.