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Cordney Smith


Cordney is ready for you Dallas/DFW. He prides himself on providing a hand crafted selection of music so that each song, each dance set, has been built for you and your guests at your wedding.  We think Cordney says it best when he says “I like to be authentic in everything I do with my couples.  It’s their wedding day.  I need to be as authentic as their love.”  
And his growing list of Dallas/DFW weddings and corporate clients only reinforces his belief.  In addition to being a sought after wedding disc jockey, Cordney has regular corporate clients like Pepsi and Toyota as well as being a DJ connected to Super Bowl LI in Houston in 2017.  His love of music and his ability to seamlessly transition between genres can clearly be seen whenever Cordney is in front of an audience.  
Having a been a professional educator, Cordney understands the importance of not only having interpersonal skills, but using those skills to communicate on the microphone to his audience.  He’s the father of five breathtakingly smart children and being a wedding DJ allows him a work life balance that allows him to be involved in their lives as well.
Dallas Wedding DJ Pricing - Eric
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Eric Sullins


Eric is your wedding DJ. He comes with experience and degrees that most DJ’s would kill for.  He’s a graduate from the Dan Rather School of Communications from Sam Houston State University and went on to work for Mr. Rather in New York after graduating college. While serving in the Navy, Eric ran a retro 80’s radio station.  So he has the technical and music chops for this job coupled with a love of music. His ability to read a crowd and select songs to drive a dance floor is a real gift. 
 But it’s his reason for being a wedding DJ is what sincerely makes Eric stand out.  In about a 6 year period, Eric attended over 60 weddings, nearly two thirds of which he was in as a member of the bridal party.  He has personally experienced, as a guest, what a bad DJ can do a good wedding.  He’s seen brides make the mistake of ‘hiring their friend’ only to find that the friend really doesn’t know how to run a Dallas wedding reception.  So the reception goes badly and guests leave disappointed.  
Eric understands that it isn’t just about playing music at your wedding.  It’s about reading people, the timeline, and the occasion.  There is a professional order of events that allows your catering, photography, and guests to come together if they are all on the same page and a professionally trained disc jockey has the experience to get everyone on that same page with a combinations of music and announcements.  Eric excels at putting those things together to make an amazing night and memory for his couples.
Dallas Wedding DJ Pricing -Alex
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Alex Perez

 ‘Mr. Incredible’

Alex is new to The American DJ Company family but he comes with a strong reputation and incredible talent.  Alex is a Dallas native with over 15 years of professional experience.  He’s a musical force seamlessly transitioning between 80’s, 90’s, latin, regional Mexican, EDM, country and popular dance to make him a chameleon musically with any wedding crowd or any where.
And the ‘any where’ is a real thing with Alex.  Alex’s calendar is already in demand working not only in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, but in Austin and San Antonio with events like concerts, car shows, and other private events.  He has enjoyed residencies at several of the hottest bars and lounges in the area over the years as well.
Alex has been pursing this career path since he was a teenager.  He would spend his weekends listening to his favorite DJ’s mix live on the radio.  He would intensely watch relatives at family get togethers mix.  It wasn’t long before he knew his way around the tech and learned how to read a crowd.  His parents supported his passion and by age 15, Alex was DJing his first gig, the Homecoming Dance at his high school.  Being a professional DJ runs through his veins and we’ve said it before . . . he’s in incredible talent.  It’s why we call him Mr. Incredible.  He really is incredible and his calendar is filling fast.
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